Project name:

Politehnica Website Redesign

Project description:



The Department of Telematics and Electronics in Transports just so happens to be the major our creative director graduated from and studied at The Faculty of Transports in Bucharest. So this was a project of particular interest and attention to him as he was asked by his college professor to reboot the departments old and quite outdated website and give it a look and feel that would compel students to use the portal more often.

Project goals

The project was centered around the goals of creating a modern one page hybrid  that would be both simple and intuitive combined with a minimal look and feel. At the same time the website did have to display certain functions such as the static sidebar menu that would include a separate area for urgent messages addressed to the students and/or faculty.

Creative solution


Since this was a website made for engineering students under the supervision of engineers the understanding was from the very beginning that function would be more important than looks. And normally that would mean you would have to sacrifice one for the other. No one told us that at the time. As far as we and our client is concerned the end result merged both quite nicely. Cleaning up the user interface allowed us to make room for any number of changes regarding function and esthetic desired by the client while keeping the website friendly and easy to use. The color scheme used was chosen to express clean, unique and energetic look and feel to the platform thus given by the shades of light blue, teal and orange used. The color choices were made considering the age group the site was destined to be used by and thus resulted a website with an easy to use, clean interface, simplified and minimalist look just perfect for the logical and pragmatic minds it is designed for.

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