Project name:

Kngdom Branding

Project description:

kingdom final-05


Kngdom started out as a few abstract sketches and the idea soon built up to a business venture. The story behind the brand is that everyone has their own place, big or small, that they call their own. A personal castle, their very own Kngdom.kingdom tshirt mock-up 2

What better way to illustrate that than a clothing line that brings out the royal in you?!

Project goals

The task ahead was to develop an identity that would resonate with the modern times, the edginess and minimalism that we live in and are visually bombarded with. The brand would have to speak the language of our modern day visual trends and make them it’s own.Kingdom FB post 1

Creative solution

We really enjoyed working this project and crafting the end result was as sweet as it is just looking at it. Taking from the brands first t-shirt collection featuring abstract animals depicted in a highly minimalist style we developed an image that expresses both royalty and a modern fashion sense. The 2 color logo, using purple and white, transmits royalty, mistery and luxury combined with simplicity, minimalism and virtue. Kngdom also made clear their desire to dodge the traditional typeface logo standards of the fashion industry and asked us to play around and try to avoid a clear cut name, make it more abstract and original. So naturally, we killed the letter I……you will be missed. The result was a brand image in 2 versions, a compact square one and a full-width regular variant that transmits luxury and minimalism and attempts to challenge traditional standards!kingdom tshirt mock-up 3

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