Project name:

Egghead Advertising Website

Project description:


Egghead scene


For this project the client was one of the most famous and largest advertising agen…………(sigh) ok fine, it’s just us, again. What can we say, we like to toot our own horn. In this case we are announcing our freshly redesigned website. With all the bells and whistles, here it is, the new EGGHEAD ADVERTISING website!

Project goals


Ok, so here is wat we wanted to do. Our goal was to make a full width, fully responsive and interactive website. with this in mind we also wanted to make it as intuitive as possible.

Creative solution


The result: everything we wanted and more! With original artwork populating it, fully responsive layout, the Egghead 2-color scheme and so much more we are very proud of our work. The website’s interactive side is represented by the fact that you can view the latest news, reviews, inspiration articles, featured ads and artists and then comment, share, like! And here’s a little something extra, you can do the same for our featured projects, tell us your opinion, discuss, like it, share it! So come on over! We offer more than just cookies!

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