Project name:

Egghead Advertising Branding

Project description:


We guess it’s not traditional for agencies to talk about the process of their own brand, except when they are going through a rebranding process. But this brand was just as fun to create as the others we have worked on and if we didn’t think it deserved a place amongst our featured projects. So let’s get on with it!

The client, Egghead Advertising, is a young but powerful full service agency lead by two young professionals to be reckoned with (if you ask me they we’re kind of snobby and mean during the project……). Their work philosophy is centered around the concept that they don’t work with clients but with friends thus managing to form a strong connection with the brands they work on, or so we heard……

Project goals

The aim of the project was to create a brand image that was easy to approach and didn’t come off as too silly. We needed to show people that we are as creative and fun as we are serious about our work and dedicated to our craft.

Creative solution

Wax Seal Stamp PSD MockUp
The solution came from the actual name of the brand that the agency wanted to go with, Egghead. While typically being a synonym for nerd, we wanted to give the word a different twist and get rid of its nerdy stigma.

While trying to go in a fun direction with the idea of an egg, our inspiration for Mr. Egghead’s face came from simply looking at the creative community of today. Today’s creatives don’t limit themselves to expressing their style and ideas in the work they deliver but also in the way they present themselves. This is a strong contrast to the men and women working in advertising 40-50 years ago and the uniform, clean cut style that they presented themselves in. In a combination of white, to express innovation and simplicity, and orange to represent energy and confidence, we have successfully created an image that would resonate with both clients and consumers.mockup

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