Project name:

Art Quartet Branding

Project description:

art quartet fb cover finalClient

ART Quartet is a string quartet formed of four talented young gentlemen dedicated to their passion for music and who have decided to form this musical group.

Project goals

The main objective given to us was to develop an identity that would represent the musicians love and respect of classic music as well as the modern and simplistic fashion style that unite them as a group.

Creative solution

The key to the creative challenges faced by our design team lied in the individuals that formed the quartet. Each with his own personality, but together there was no doubt they formed a team. Style, class, and a great respect for their craft were the defining elements that guided us in establishing their identity as a group. However what set them apart was their desire to bring the quality and values of the classics into a form that fit the musical tastes of the present day. The use of golden yellow was used to symbolize the young age of the four musicians applied on a simple and classic logotype representing the initials of the groups name.AQ Brnading bg

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