Naming – the first step for your brand

Naming – the first step for your brand

Naming – the first step for your brand 760 543 Mr. Egghead

Naming is what professionals call the process of creating a name for a brand, business, service or product. In our experience we most often found the need to name a brand or a product (not so often a service), so in the following we will focus on the process of naming as it applies to a brand. In future articles we will also discuss the process of naming that specifically applies to products or services.

Although it may look simple, naming is as complex as it is complete. Your brand’s name can and must become a strong bond between it and it’s target audience. For everything to go “by the book” it’s recommended to have a well defined strategy, something that we as branding specialists deal with, as you take into account factors such as linguistics, marketing strategy, communication or copyright.

A well chosen name can set your brand apart, something that in the future will help you generate awareness. When thinking of a name, consider that it is the first indicator of your brand values as well as first contact with your audience. You know that moment when you meet someone new and 5 seconds later after you already forget what their name is?! We know it’s a boring example but, believe us, you don’t want to be that person. You want others to remember you, look you up and recommend you! That’s exactly why your brand’s name must make an impact and be easy to remember. Let’s take Xerox for example. Today we call any copy machine or the process of making a paper copy xerox, even though Xerox is a brand, and there are many companies today that manufacture such machines.

How would HP feel if they heard that you are going to xerox something on one of their machines. Seems amusing, but we have to draw a conclusion here:

a name actually matters and it must capture the essence and define the brand.

There are four types of names that can guide you in the process of naming:

  1. Descriptive names – these indicate the company, product, service or area of activity.

  1. Acronyms – these represent abbreviations to the descriptive name.

  1. Invented names – something that you came with on the spot.

Be careful though, as fun as it may sound it is also tricky because not every invented name becomes a lovemark.

  1. The name is based on a feeling or an experience that the brand offers.


When choosing a name for your brand it is good to have in mind:

  1. What your brand offers
  2. What values your brand shares
  3. What your brand promises
  4. In which market segment you want to activate

Some tips:

  1. Don’t be a copycat. EVER. Not only do you NOT want to deal with copyright infringement, but you will also likely loose the trust of your customers.
  2. Work with professionals.

If any of this seems complicated, don’t worry! We are here to help! If you have a brand, company, product or service in need of naming, our branding specialists are at your disposal. Drop us a line HERE and let’s talk.