Ad of the day: IKEA Cookbook

Ad of the day: IKEA Cookbook 1000 684 Mr. Egghead

Apparently IKEA takes a new perspective on nutrition by going back further than the recipe of the meal you eat. They now propose recipes for the kitchen in which you…

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Pepsi drones are invading!

Pepsi drones are invading! 1920 1080 Mr. Egghead

In an effort to solve a very common problem for people attending festivals Pepsi Max and AMV BBDO introduced an ingenious solution to the problem of finding your friends in…

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Hello again ladies!

Hello again ladies! 1200 800 Mr. Egghead

And so it begins. In a move that quite honestly we’ve all been waiting for Old spice decided to pit it’s brand’s most dominating spokesmen (Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa…

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